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Creating blissful and happily ever afters through proper counselling, training ,therapy and advisory approach using best practices and standards

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Sparkles Unleash: an uncensored and hookup platform,

Sparkles Girls Geng: a social group for women that gives freedom for expression and strictly girls talk,

Sparkles intimacademy : Our sex and intimacy academy

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Marriage Sparkles

Formerly known as SEX SOLUTIONS is an INTIMATE relationship services outfit founded by ARINOLA ADEBAYO (MS) and became operational in 2013 but became fully registered in 2019.

The brand runs 360 degrees relationship consulting practice with specialized focus on Sex, romance and intimacy in relationships.

Formerly known as SEX SOLUTIONS because of the sensitive speciality service rendered to matured adults ,married couples and Individuals desiring of a healthy sexual life via COUNSELLING,THERAPY ,TRAINING AND COACHING on the subject matter of Romance, sex and relationships.




I remember vividly that I joined Marriage Sparkles group on my 17th Wedding Anniversary. Prior to joining, I was a very shy person when it comes to asking for my bedroom rights and always had to wait till when my husband became horny to have sex.
My husband had to ask me severally why I didn’t find him ‘desirable’ since I never ask and probably felt guilty for not satisfying me, which unfortunately wasn’t the case.
Through the various trainings and discussions on MS platform, I had to learn, relearn and unlearn a lot things and today I can boldly say I’m a pro. No dulling, no shyness, always bringing up my A game. MS platform has become home, great people, great coach.




Dear Arin, Thank you so much for your service to humanity and for being an instrument in the stability of many marriages at the brink of divorce. I met you at a time when I needed answers to many questions in my marital life. Through your incisive and practical teaching, I have learnt to spend more time and energy building my relationship through positive actions and creating the right atmosphere for pure romance to thrive and blossom. I have further improved my sexual skills as well as pre sexual moves that create the mood for the main icing. I have learnt new sexual skills. Me and my wife are finally at peace. I now believe there is no graduation in the school of marriage. Thank you so much. You are indeed a life coach. With a grateful heart.



I met Arinola through a friend of mine.

He introduced me to Marital Sparkles via the WhatsApp platform.

I see Coach Arin as a teacher, very selfless, loving and a hardworking woman via her teachings and testimonies l have read about her on MS platform.

Arin is bold, courageous, dearing and a goal getter with the little l have witnessed of her on SU turned Friends platform.

I wish her a glorious height in all her endeavors.

Best Regards



Marriage Sparkles creates a platform for rejuvenation of individuals' sexual life. Joining the platform has been a great benefit to me as a person.

The teachings and practical demonstration on technicality of building a strong home with great and satisfying sexual life have been of a tremendous blessing. It gingers me everyday, and I love being part of this great family.

Thank you so much, Coach Arinola Oyeyemi Adebayo for making yourself available for this awesome assignment. You are indeed a blessing to all devastated homes and shambled romantic feelings. God bless you.

Prince Jay
Sango-Ota, Ogun State

Creating blissful and happily ever afters through proper counselling, training, therapy and advisory approach using best practices and standards

Our Vision is to assist individuals and couples connect relationship dots towards optimal productivity and wholesome living